By Alex Wasnick. Black and white digital photography.

Blame of Reference by Ozgur K. Sahin

A few years ago, I was talking to a friend about her dating life, and as she was a self-professed “geek” who heavily favored dating other geeks, this led to a discussion about her dating pool and the “geek community” in general. After we’d talked about all the pitfalls of self-applying the term “geek” in…

Killing Machine by Phil Temples

The newly-arrived-on-earth alien walked into the nearest structure in the bustling population sector. He was acquainted with their language and eager to begin his studies of the human species. The structure he chose to enter that day was the U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times Square in Manhattan. “I’m here to learn about—“ “Son,…

Paul Baribeau & BFF

By Dan Black. Image courtesy of Landland 2013. All Rights Reserved. For more information about the amazing Landland world, please visit their home page here.

Stony Point Station: Part 13 by Joseph Crowe

Previously: The battle frigate Wisconsin dishes out a flurry of missiles and energy weapons at the ships of the unidentified attackers. It’s all the warship can do to protect the fleet of freighters, but never the less several of the big haulers fall to the enemy vessels. And quickly, Wisconsin herself suffers a mortal blow….